So Much Information, So Little Time – Making Your Blog Reading And Sharing Count

When I last looked at my Google Reader (sadly a few days ago), it said that I have 1000+ unread posts.  Gulp.  Instead of starting to hammer away at them I closed the tab, totally overwhelmed by the amount of information that I had waiting for me.  The problem with my current Google Reader subscription is that every time, over the last few years, that I came upon a blog that I enjoyed the content, I would add it to my Reader.  It’s like subscribing to magazines and never unsubscribing…and also putting them on your coffee table with the intention of reading them on a lazy Saturday.  Like other roads, the road to blog reading hell is paved with good intentions.

raining RSS

Many of us read 10 or more articles and blog posts a day.  I love learning, but it can also get very overwhelming and the knowledge, while worthwhile, can be too scattered.  In order to really become a specialist in your field, it’s important to read the niche blogs that have the greatest amount of meat for your specialty.

John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing wrote a detailed and precise article on American Express OpenForum on niche-ing down your blog reading to be the most educated in your field.  I would definitely take a look at the tools that he recommends and implementing the ideas for more productive, and less overwhelming, reading and sharing.

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