Productivity App: Penultimate Lets You Use Your iPad Like A Moleskine

Most people in the office know that I geek out over productivity. The irony may be that I love productivity tools so app for notes on iPadmuch that I institute too many and, thus, become unproductive.


I’m working on it; we all have our faults.


The great thing for you about my affinity for productivity hacks and apps to make my life/work better is that I test them and only tell you about the awesome ones. Penultimate, from Evernote, is one of those apps that answers a common problem.


While I may be very digitally inclined, I still like to write down thoughts, hand draw diagrams, and take notes during calls and meetings on paper. The actual writing process helps etch ideas in my brain and makes them stickier than just typing. I also write much slower than I type so I am forced to listen more carefully and edit to get the gist of topics and ideas.


Penultimate can be downloaded to your iPad from the App Store. You can write and draw with your finger but I prefer using a tablet pen that I got from Brookstone (only $10).


Additionally, these notes and notebooks that you fill using Penultimate can sync with your Evernote account to keep everything in one place. (You may remember that my resolution for 2012 was to go paperless and I wrote about it at


P.S. Do you have any favorite productivity apps that you’re using in 2013?

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Alexandra Alexandra oversees and manages project development, scope and strategy for OttoPilot Media and its clients. She has grown 3 start-ups to be industry leaders by designing strategies based on data analysis and then leveraging digital tools to quickly catapult the companies to nationwide presence with limited start-up capital. Educated in economics and finance, and trained in sales and marketing, Alexandra combines understanding of business metrics and growth with creative marketing that shows results.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Quick note about this post, Penultimate does not currently work with the iPad 1 because you cannot upgrade the iPad 1 to iOS 6.0. Evernote is working on this, however-

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