Tips And Tricks On How To Get The Most Out Of Snapchat

Many social media users are turning to Snapchat and leaving Facebook and Twitter behind. Not only are they finding that this software has so much more to offer, as far as video chatting goes, but they are also discovering that it is new and exciting. If you are in search of a new way to communicate with your friends and discover new techniques to social media marketing, this app is definitely what you are searching for.

Self-Destructing Ads

While many people would question, “Why would an ad that destructs in a few short seconds be useful”, large businesses have been testing its marketing strategies and came to the conclusion that they offer several benefits. Big businesses have offered several promotional coupons for those Snapchat users that were lucky enough to send in a photo of their favorite ice cream flavor. It worked very well, because the users were unable to copy to coupon and circulate it to their friends. This same campaign was performed using Twitter, but it did not turn out so well, because users were instantly copying and sharing the coupons to their followers, which was totally against the rules of the promotion.

Less Risk Factor

Since the user can take a photo, send it to a specific recipient, and adjust the time from 1-10 seconds, before the image will destruct possibly means that it may be less risky. This in turn may make the Snapchat playground a lot safer for online users.

Filter Features

Snapchat offers you the option of whether or not you want to filter your texts. Of course there is one downside to this option and that involves allowing Snapchat to access your geographical location. You will be able to add colors, time, weather, and speed overlays to your snaps. This can definitely add more fun and excitement to sending and receiving images.


The messaging option has just recently been added to the Snapchat app. While many users are finding some issues with this feature, others have fallen in love with it. Once you have sent the message and your friend has received it, it will destruct. Snapchat will also alert the user, when their friend is ready to chat, by sending them a “Here in your chat” icon will instantly appear.


All social media networks know how important your privacy is to you, so Snapchat has followed in suit, by offering you the option of controlling who you want to receive photos from. This will protect you significantly from being harassed or sent inappropriate images that you have no interest in.


When you are ready to add friends to your account, just go search for Snapchat usernames. They will instantly appear and you can add them, without difficulty. This is the easiest way to find your best friends and discover new ones at the same time. Be sure to take advantage of the “Snapcash”, so that you can send your friends, family members, or others a cash payment.