SEO and Using Kik & Snapchat for Website Promotion

Viral marketing and social media are very effective, and both of them are closely connected to the SEO. Today there are lots of benefits and positives of social media offering SEO campaigns. Applications like Kik and Snapchat are constantly challenging the mobile phone providers in the way they conduct business. These applications are still young, but if you can get involved early than you would benefit a lot from an increased number of visitors to your website.

One of the biggest SEO benefits would be to increase the number of indirect links to your website. Social media platforms do not offer much link value, but lots of webmasters or publishers are turning towards the social media platforms for some references. That results in very valuable links that can boost rankings.

Other SEO positive of using social media like Kik and Snapchat is that these social platforms have a high ranking potential and domain authority. Because of that many of the profiles in these platforms are very likely to get ranked for specific target keywords. That creates a large number of search listings and it is ideal for different campaigns.

Kik has a keyword feature that gives you the opportunity to set up a variety of words that can trigger many different responses. Kik puts a big focus on the businesses in the area of entertainment, music, sports, fashion, TV and news. Kik`s feature about the Promoted Chats is popular amongst the marketers as it offers the users to opt-in in order to receive different types of messages from specific businesses. Then you can create some canned responses which will be triggered by the specific keywords the user is sending. You can also create Cards, which is a mobile site that is optimized for Kik. Kik also has web browser inside the application, so that way the users can share information from Internet. Kik revolves around the younger generation of users as it offers great level of anonymity. Only a username is required, which is a bit different to the other similar social platforms.

Snapchat also offers lots of marketing opportunities for the businesses. This application is not just about sharing photographs that disappear in a few seconds. It expanded its features, so now inside the application you have the opportunity to draw on pictures, record videos and chat with other users. Snapchat can be used in a way that businesses can put “snaps” in certain user`s news update feed, so it will appear in the stories feed. This social application recently introduced the Discover feature, where the advertisers can add daily photos that will disappear within one day.  Some of the publishers are also working with the businesses that want to sponsor some channels or to advertise in an edition.

These are some of the possibilities for marketing and promotion of websites through these social media. As they are relatively new platforms the opportunities will rise in the upcoming years. Anyhow, you should get on board quickly if you want your website to be successful.

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