Pinterest Case Study | Petplan Pet Insurance

Pinterest logoAlthough Pinterest has been around for two years, it is still a rather uncharted territory for businesses. Many guides have been published, but sometimes leading by example works best. Petplan Pet Insurance can be considered a leading example. The company’s Pinterest profile is engaging, colorful, and informative — in essence, the quintessential Pinterest page. Petplan does not just use Pinterest as a bulletin board for unique and quirky photos, it takes advantage of the Pinterest layout to showcase all aspects of its business as one would on any other website (with a focus on the visual, of course).

One of the main components of any Pinterest page are Boards. Boards allow users to categorize their pins and showcase them in an orderly way. Petplan’s use of Boards is one of their page’s best attributes. Not only do they provide informative and entertaining categories, they also publish seasonal Boards to keep things current. Of course, the pins themselves are great, too. If you need inspiration for your Pinterest profile, check out the following Boards used by Petplan Pet Insurance and what they can teach you about designing a successful Pinterest profile for your business! You can also follow us on Pinterest by clicking the link below!

Meet the Team

Just like any company’s “About Us” page, Petplan Insurance shows off its employees on Pinterest through their “Meet the Team” Board. Each member of the team has his or her own pin displaying a professional photo (with their pets, of course) and a descriptive caption. These pins link back to the “About Us” page on Petplan’s home website, which brings in a lot of referral traffic. It is always important to make sure your pins actually link back to something related and useful for your followers. Besides the links, the “Meet the Team” pins follow an appealing theme, which is important for any website–but especially Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most visual social platforms that you can put your business on, so you want to make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities for displaying eye-catching content. Including cute pets is a plus, too!

Pet Health Tips

Petplan knows how to reach its potential customers. On its “Pet Health Tips” Board, Petplan offers advice from an expert veterinary team to help pet-owners properly care for their critters. Remember, content is key. By posting quality content frequently, your followers will keep following you, and eventually you’ll gain new followers. It works like any other social site–you want people to share your content. To ensure sharing, post intriguing photos with informative descriptions and links that you think will get found among the millions of pins. You can also hashtag keywords inside your pin descriptions, which can help your pins get found more easily.

Breed All About It

Petplan’s “Breed All About It” Boards (for cats and dogs) are another way to convey helpful information to their followers. These Boards discuss common health problems associated with specific breeds of cats and dogs. By reaching out to specific breeds, Petplan makes their followers feel special. Your business can do the same by posting content that is personal and relevant to your followers. Encourage your followers to further engage with pins that they feel they have a voice on by asking them to “comment” on and “like” those pins in the description.

PetPlan Pinterest board

Seasonal Boards

Petplan likes to have fun, too. Plus, they have the perfect opportunity to play up the “cute” factor. Whether it be through showcasing tiny animals dressed up for Halloween, or your favorite Olympic athletes frolicking with their own pets, Petplan likes to publish fun, seasonal Boards to keep things fresh and light. This is perfect for sharing, which leads to repins and more exposure. Don’t forget to include links back to your website when posting this kind of content because if it goes viral it can mean big boosts in visits to your site!

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