New Linkedin Company Pages: What You Need To Know

This month, LinkedIn announced that its Company Pages would be getting a makeover. Mike Grishaver, from Product Management and Monetization at LinkedIn, states that these changes will provide “a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience.

Although LinkedIn isn’t making any drastic changes to the overall content of its Company Pages, they are certainly taking a turn to the visual. The new appearance places emphasis on design, navigation, and customization, which allows business to focus on expressing their brand’s look and feel more accurately to their LinkedIn followers. Through these changes, your followers’ experience on your page is made better.

LinkedIn’s new Company Pages emphasize the importance of providing relevant content to your business’s followers. Posting company updates has always been an important aspect of LinkedIn, but in the new-and-improved Overview section (ie. the homepage of your LinkedIn Company Page), LinkedIn now advises you to “Share an article, ask a question, or post a special offer to interest LinkedIn members.” Think of your LinkedIn as your Facebook Business Page, but with less “fluff”. LinkedIn is a professional medium, used by professional people. If you follow a company, think of what you would want to see from them.

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For marketers, LinkedIn’s new look is a huge opportunity for online success. You have the ability to tell your company’s story, highlight products and services, engage with your audience, share career opportunities, and generate leads – quality leads. For instance, when you share an offer through your updates, you now have the ability to specify who gets that offer (a “target audience” or “all followers”). By choosing “target audience,” you can search through your LinkedIn followers/potential leads and choose the right people for that offer.

Similar to your business’s Facebook Timeline, LinkedIn now allows you to add personal flare to your Company Page through a cover-style photo. Atop the Overview page, you can display an image that represents your company’s brand and style. This movement towards more visual content can be seen on various social websites. It is essential that you choose carefully, because this photo is the first thing visitors to your page will see. They will then scroll down to find your updates and general information (hopefully!), so plan accordingly.

[Photo courtesy of LinkedIn Blog]


Another aspect to LinkedIn’s new Company Pages is the mobile site. Before, you could only search for people on LinkedIn’s mobile app. Now, your company can be searched for on-the-go, so this reinforces the importance of optimizing your business’s site.

Remember: focus on posting valuable content that is helpful to your audience. You don’t have to over-do it. Posting, monitoring, responding, and analyzing should take you no more than ten minutes a day, according to HubSpot. With LinkedIn’s new Company Pages, your business will have a complete tool kit for effective marketing online.

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