New: Facebook Groups

For those of you feeling ironically confined these days by the all-too-open world of Facebook, you’re in luck: Facebook has just launched newly redesigned Groups – a feature that, as the developers and promoters claim, “makes it easy for you to build a space for important groups of people in your life.”

Facebook Groups (which have very little in common with Facebook’s forerunning group structure) are spaces constructed by users where connecting and sharing information is a more protected and safeguarded practice.  For those who want to increase productivity in a professional or educational environment, new document sharing via Groups is an enormous benefit and convenience. With a focus on advanced portability, Group members are able to upload files, collaborate, edit and download items in a simple forum—and also have the option of safely storing data (photos, project components, videos, notes, etc.) within Groups.

I envision that Facebook’s Groups will be advantageous to students or colleagues who don’t have access to an application specifically designed for productivity (like Basecamp, Producteev, or the like) but occasionally require a platform for disclosing ideas, working on projects, or communicating with others who might be working remotely.

Have you tried using Facebook Groups yet? Do you think the feature is an improvement?