Google+ Gets A Make-over

Google made many announcements yesterday at their Google I/O conference in San Francisco, one of which was about a Google+ redesign! These updates will create a responsive design that will change depending on screen size, or can be automatically customized by the click of a user’s mouse button. We already know that the beauty of many Google products is in their simplicity; it seems that Google will continue in its minimalist path with its new platform updates.

As we already see on many other social networks, starting on Twitter, and now Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., the hashtag will start making an appearance in Google+ updates as well.  It will also let you see other posts related to the hashtag with the click of a button! Click on the hashtag and the box will flip around to show you a stream of other recent posts using the same hashtag.

One of Google’s goals with this new visual update is to better connect the use of Google+ and online photos, making it more seamless within your account.

Google’s goal is to create an effortless flow between its products and to reveal a lot of information in a fast, easy way. Visually this new redesign seems to mimic the fluidity, function, and overall look of Pinterest. What do you think?

I’m definitely looking forward to this and other Google updates rolling out in the next few weekstoday. What are you looking forward to the most?