Facebook’s New Immersive Media Features

Instead of the traditional, incremental Facebook changes we are fairly familiar with, the social media giantFacebook Home has some pretty hefty developments underway. The company’s mobile innovation initiatives, which are being coined as the next evolution for Facebook Platform for Mobile, includes the introduction of Open Graph. This feature allows developers to better and more fully integrate their applications into the Facebook experience, making it easier for users to share their stories about music, movies, fitness, books, and more. The best part is, users can share activities through apps without having to log in to Facebook. It is becoming that easy.

You have a New Home! …on Facebook 

Sorry iPhone users. This one is for the Android lovers. Facebook Home, launched on April 12, is specifically for Android users and replaces the cluttered home screen with an engaging, immersive and distraction free news content of your friends posts and photos. In fact, it has been summarized as a “really nice screensaver.”  When running the app, your home screen is now your  Cover Feed, featuring ‘important’ updates that you just cannot miss. Another cool app, called Chat Heads, allows you to continue messaging with friends while other apps are simultaneously running. And exciting news for the excluded iPhone users – this feature is available for you too! And, its going international.

 Goal: Let’s Be As Intrusive as Possible 

Facebook Home is running advertisements that encourage phone   use during family dinners. A young women is so immersed in  Facebook Home, that simulations of her updates are coming alive  around her. Apparently, Facebook doesn’t seem to care whether it is  encouraging ill-mannered behavior.Their focus is to foster such an immersive social media experience that full transparency is a normality. Lastly,  if none of these cool features excited you, the company also made their new logo official. Doesn’t look too different, but it is the first time the icon has been refreshed in years.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s developments?