Pinterest For Business: New Analytics Dashboard

Last week Pinterest started rolling out a new look and, along with it, Pinterest Analytics. We’re a little bit nuts about data here at OttoPilot media, so we’re excited to see how this new analytics platform stacks up and how it can help businesses with their social media strategies.

Upgrade to the new look and verify your website

If you have a business account and/or an account that lists a website, you’ll be able to “Switch to the new look.” from the top right drop down menu. In order to see Pinterest’s new look and start using their analytics dashboard, you must have a verified website. To verify your website, you will need to have editing rights to the HTML or the ability to upload files to your website’s root directory.

What the Pinterest Analytics will show you

Once you’ve successfully verified your website and switched to the new look, you’ll have access to your Pinterest analytics!

This free dashboard allows Pinterest users to view how many pinners and pins are posting content from your site, as well as how many repins and repinners that content receives. While this tool is very basic and doesn’t exactly pack a punch compared to other Pinterest analytics tools, it is a step in the right direction for Pinterest.

Have you switched over to use the new analytics platform? If so, what are your initial thoughts? Please share with us in the comments below!

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