5 Successful Launch Strategies For Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

darren-davis-post-1-200x112In the super fast moving world of PPC marketing one topic is really shaking things up: Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. In the beginning of February Google announced the rollout of Enhanced Campaigns. These new “Enhanced” Campaigns have brought so many changes that the SEM blog world has exploded with posts about it.

So, why in the heck would we write another post on the topic?

I’m actually NOT covering what new features Enhanced Campaigns are bringing. You may already have read articles that cover these changes. Rather, I’m going to introduce some tips and strategies that will help you leverage these changes from a management point of view and give you more of a tactical advantage for upgrading Enhanced Campaigns. I decided to take this different approach to help you “Get Started” while there is still time before you have to upgrade your campaigns.

Now is the time you need to prepare for these changes.

I’ll give you the readers digest version of Enhanced Campaigns in case you don’t know about them. But after that, get ready to jump into some highly actionable tips so you can prep for your shift to Enhanced Campaigns today!

Why AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

We all live in a “constantly connected” world, jumping from one device type to another communicate, shop, consume content and play farmville on Facebook.  Google published some data (and a cool infographic) that showed that 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV. So that means a consumer might start reading an email or researching something on their smartphone, but finish it up at home on the tablet or laptop.

Consumers have changed the way that they search online. Search is not tied to just one individual device anymore, they search across many different devices. Google has been paying attention to this shift and decided to “enhance” campaigns to meet this change instead of having us marketers compare several separate campaigns, reports and ad extensions to accomplish this, everything will be in one campaign.

Okay, that’s the down low. Now here are 5 tips to get you started. Let’s do it!

1.) Get With Your Google AdWords Team ASAP

Believe me, there are many little changes that come with upgrading your campaign. Though Google has produced tons of really helpful information to help you out you will definitely have more questions! So if you have a team at Google, get in touch with them right away. If you don’t get your questions answered you can’t really move forward on creating your strategy.

As an additional side tip: Reach out to your SEM agency. Agencies are awesome because they have a huge knowledge base of the industry, lots of insight across verticals and work with a wide range of clients. It’s their job to know about these kinds of changes, how they will affect your account and how to make them work for you. Get in touch with your agency to get a strong understanding of things and  develop a strategy.

2.) Start Running Some Small Tests

Log into your AdWords account and click on one of your smaller campaigns. You’ll see a box at the top that says, “This campaign will be upgraded to an Enhanced Campaigns in a few months. Or you can upgrade right now.” Underneath is a “Get Started” button.

I highly recommend that you start out testing with a few of your small campaigns to get a feel for things. There is a lot of time right now to get comfortable, so make sure you make good use of the amount of time. Use the fact that you have lots of time to your advantage and get started early. I know I will be testing aggressively over the coming weeks.

3.) Get To Know Bids On Your Mobile and Tablet

Right now are you using separate campaigns to target mobile and tablet devices? I do. Many other advertisers do too for a good reason. Every device type performs differently. This calls for a different strategy and way to manage bids accordingly for best performance. Now that the ability to separate mobile and tablet devices by campaign is going away, your mobile and tablet bids are based on a percentage of your computer search bids.

I highly recommend that you look closely at your mobile and tablet bids so that when you transition, you are as close as possible to where you are currently bidding.

4.) Reach Out To Your SEM Platform

Are you using SEM software to help you manage your PPC? If so, make sure to reach out their team there ASAP. Understand how they plan to support Enhanced Campaigns with their tool. If you don’t like their answer then now is a good time to review other options.

There are many great platforms out there, get to know their plans for supporting Enhanced Campaigns. Its going to be really important this year that your platform adopts and supports Enhanced Campaigns with open arms. Many great SEM platforms have already been working with Google regarding Enhanced Campaigns.

5.) Share Your Game Plan With Your Team, Management And Clients

Whether you’re an in-house marketer that reports to a senior management team or you’re at an agency that reports to clients and collaborates with teammates, I strongly encourage you to educate them about Google’s new change and share your game plan to make the transition successful one.

There is no doubt that everyone will hear about Enhanced Campaigns. Make sure that you give them a strong summary of  all the changes and create confidence in your game plan.


That wraps up my tips for you, I hope they help you have a successful transition! What are your plans for getting started with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

This is a guest post written by Darren Davis. Darren is a paid search expert and the owner at LinkCaffeine, a provider of search marketing services. With an extreme amount of coffee coursing through his veins, he enthusiastically tackles each day with lots of creativity and brainstorming! You can follow him on Twitter at @LinkCaffeine.