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SEO and Using Kik & Snapchat for Website Promotion

Viral marketing and social media are very effective, and both of them are closely connected to the SEO. Today there are lots of benefits and positives of social media offering SEO campaigns. Applications like Kik and Snapchat are constantly challenging the mobile phone providers in the way they conduct business. These applications are still young, […]

Tips And Tricks On How To Get The Most Out Of Snapchat

Many social media users are turning to Snapchat and leaving Facebook and Twitter behind. Not only are they finding that this software has so much more to offer, as far as video chatting goes, but they are also discovering that it is new and exciting. If you are in search of a new way to […]

Google+ Gets A Make-over

Google made many announcements yesterday at their Google I/O conference in San Francisco, one of which was about a Google+ redesign! These updates will create a responsive design that will change depending on screen size, or can be automatically customized by the click of a user’s mouse button. We already know that the beauty of many […]

Happy Birthday Twitter! The Evolution Of A Social Media Giant

Today, Twitter is officially seven years old, and definitely has a plethora of reasons to celebrate. Founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, the social networking service has become a medium unto itself, with 500 million registered users, 340 million tweets daily, and 1.6 billion daily search queries. How will Twitter continue to innovate in […]

Facebook’s New Immersive Media Features

Instead of the traditional, incremental Facebook changes we are fairly familiar with, the social media giant has some pretty hefty developments underway. The company’s mobile innovation initiatives, which are being coined as the next evolution for Facebook Platform for Mobile, includes the introduction of Open Graph. This feature allows developers to better and more fully […]

How Loading Time Effects Your Bottom Line [infographic]

Every individual has experienced the pain and suffering that goes along with a web page that opens as slow as molasses. Often times, the frustration of how long it takes deters you from even wanting to see whats on the page. Thus, businesses whose online IT infrastructure do not support quick page uploads can really […]

Pinterest Case Study | Petplan Pet Insurance

Although Pinterest has been around for two years, it is still a rather uncharted territory for businesses. Many guides have been published, but sometimes leading by example works best. Petplan Pet Insurance can be considered a leading example. The company’s Pinterest profile is engaging, colorful, and informative — in essence, the quintessential Pinterest page. Petplan does […]

Analytics Apps For Pinterest: How Do Your Pins Add Up?

It’s time to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon (if you haven’t already)! As far as referral traffic and sales, Pinterest is one of your best bets for social media success. You’ve got to make sure you use it correctly though, and sometimes it can be hard to determine what works and what doesn’t. Luckily, websites and […]

Tips For A Tablet-Friendly Website

The definition of the word tablet has completely changed in just the past few years. Rather than the notepad I used to scribble grocery lists on, it now has taken a turn to the digital. Tablet computers have reached critical mass. Some have gone as far as to declare a “Tablet Revolution.” The International Data Corporation predicts that […]

Pinterest Leads Social Media In Online Sales [Infographic]

It is common practice for ecommerce sites and companies to target sales via Facebook and Google Ads – but are they missing out on a less expensive and more effective option? Today’s Friday Infographic comes from Shopify’s study on How Pinterest Drives E-Commerce Sales. Pinterest, now the third most popular social network in the world, is proving […]