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A Unified Platform: Google Users Receive Combined 15gb Of Storage

Google announced yesterday that Google users will have their Gmail, Google+, and Google Drive storage combined into 15 GB of unified cloud storage.  The purpose of creating a unified storage system is to make it more seamless to share and upload files between the 3 Google platforms. While this is not exactly an increase in […]

5 Successful Launch Strategies For Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

In the super fast moving world of PPC marketing one topic is really shaking things up: Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. In the beginning of February Google announced the rollout of Enhanced Campaigns. These new “Enhanced” Campaigns have brought so many changes that the SEM blog world has exploded with posts about it. So, why in […]

Best Practices For Google: Panda Vs. Penguin

Lolz cats may seem like the most important animal of the web, but Panda and Penguin can stop you right in your tracks. These two Google algorithms have cut down hundreds of websites and put them on the lowest pages of Google Search. Panda used to be the algorithm that websites feared, but since Penguin’s […]