Innovative Digital Marketing From Washington, Dc

Washington DC isn’t far from the OttoPilot Media headquarters in Virginia, so we decided to check out some neighboring digital marketing firms in the metro area. Among big name clients, innovative marketing strategies, and awesome company websites, we found real inspiration. We were impressed to say the least! The three following companies are all completely different takes on your average digital marketing agency, but you can learn a lot from each.

Blue Bug Digital

What sets Blue Bug Digital apart from your average digital marketing agency is its edgy, engaging web design. If you’re looking for an agency, there’s no way you can simply overlook Blue Bug. It’s always important to keep your website current and interactive, so check out their website for ideas. It’s set up as if you were taking a virtual tour of their offices, with 360 navigation and clickable features at every turn. The graphics are clear and effective, and if you don’t want to take the virtual tour you can turn it off and see everything on one screen–easy! Your website is obviously important for potential clients and leads, so having an innovative, unique site can help your company’s name stick.

Reef Light Interactive

Reef Light Interactive’s crisp, clean, and elegantly simple website design perfectly fits its brand. You don’t get lost on Reef Light’s website, you get answers. Reef Light does a great job of displaying its services and what those services entail exactly. If you’re looking for something, they’ll tell you how it gets done. Their blog is pretty great, too. What you should take away from Reef Light’s site is how it is organized. Navigation is easy and takes you to informative pages. This will help your potential clients and leads find what they need fast, which is always a plus!


Showcasing your business’s work may be the most important thing you can do on your website, and agencyQ knows how to do it right. They’ve created in-depth case studies of all the work they’ve completed for each client, which can help potential clients decide whether they fit the bill or not. This is the perfect opportunity to display all of your hard work for even more benefit. Get creative with your case studies and be proud of what your business has accomplished. By showcasing your talent, you’ll be able to showcase even more in the long run.

Do you know of any great digital marketing agencies in the area? Let us know in your comments below!

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