Why No One Cares About Your Press Release

The next time you think about writing a press release, ask yourself- “Will anyone really care?”  Chances are, besides your mom, the people in your company, and maybe your clients, no one will give a damn about the fact that you just signed a new client (unless it’s Google) or that you won an award for best decorated Christmas tree in your town of 5,000.

Am I saying that those things don’t matter and that you shouldn’t talk about them at all?  No.  They are very important parts of a comprehensive PR strategy, but they are not what a good release makes.  You should talk about the “smaller victories”–on your blog, on your Facebook page, in an email newsletter.

press conference
A press release should really make a journalists job easy.  They have to write A LOT and are always on deadline.  Don’t swamp them with mundane information that they will not want to write about or incomplete information that makes them have to spend their precious time digging for more.

If you’re going to take the time to write a press release,

  • make sure it’s something more than you care about
  • if it seems that it might be too mundane, think about a different pitch
  • paint a picture and then sell your story
  • include factual information (and never, EVER lie)
  • include necessary links and information that the writer can quickly access to add under a tight deadline
  • be readily accessible to the journalist for any additional questions that may arise

Press people- what do you think?  What makes a good press release?  What really peeves you?