Blogging For Starters

It’s safe to say that the majority of successful businesses have a website, if not multiple. Many of these businesses have also created blogs to accompany their websites. Not only does a blog offer potential leads and customers an in-depth look into your company, but it boosts your SEO, too. By creating unique, interesting content, you gain recognition and, in the long run, sales. To get started, follow this steps:

Pick a topic

This can be an overarching theme for your blog. If you’re in one industry, you probably don’t want to be writing about something entirely irrelevant. Pick something that will represent your brand. Choose something that you can have a voice on.

Choose a provider

WordPress and Tumblr are two popular choices for bloggers. There are free layout options on both, but you can always upgrade for a reasonable price. Customization is key–you want to stand out among other blogs. Some layouts are more restrictive than others, so pick one that allows you to show off your brand.

Get started – fill in the blanks

Start customizing and adding the finishing touches to your layout. Choose a color scheme and font that embodies your business. This is where the feel of your blog is created. It’s all about setting the right tone to bring in the right customers.

Create content

Content creation is arguably the most important aspect of maintaining a blog. You want to publish content frequently and consistently. You could even set aside a specific day for a specific type of post. For example, OttoPilot hosts “Infographic Fridays,” where we post one infographic at the end of each week.

“What if I don’t like writing?” you ask. Well, there are plenty of options when it comes to creating content for a blog. Include a photo album or video to spice things up. In today’s world, visuals are becoming more and more important.

Publish and promote

There is no point to creating great content for your blog if no one can find it. This is where SEO and promotion come into play. Make show you make use of your keywords and metadata before you publish, and don’t forget about anchor text! Once you’re ready, publish and promote your content on your homepage, social media sites, and other blogs. One way to get noticed is to become a contributor to a community blog, such as Content marketing is becoming an important part of a lot of online campaigns, will you join the movement?

Do you still need help coming up with ideas for content? Check out our Free Content Creation Kit, and get started today!