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Sxsw Digital Trend For Wearable Technology Enthusiasts

Each year, SXSW, a mecca for anyone who lives and breathes technology, music, and film, launches new digital trends that get our juices flowing. After all, in 2007, the festival single handedly helped to boost Twitter into the giant it is today, and Foursquare three years later. One of this year’s themes highlighted the rise […]

Pinterest For Business: New Analytics Dashboard

Last week Pinterest started rolling out a new look and, along with it, Pinterest Analytics. We’re a little bit nuts about data here at OttoPilot media, so we’re excited to see how this new analytics platform stacks up and how it can help businesses with their social media strategies. Upgrade to the new look and […]

Sayonara Google Reader. Hello Feedly, A Feed Reader Alternative

OttoPilot’s Alexandra Gibson must have done something wrong in her past life to invoke some bad Google karma. On July 1,  2013, Google will be shutting down her beloved Google Reader in order to consolidate and commit its focus toward other Google projects. In all seriousness, many of us were fans of Google’s feed reader and will […]

Pinterest Case Study | Petplan Pet Insurance

Although Pinterest has been around for two years, it is still a rather uncharted territory for businesses. Many guides have been published, but sometimes leading by example works best. Petplan Pet Insurance can be considered a leading example. The company’s Pinterest profile is engaging, colorful, and informative — in essence, the quintessential Pinterest page. Petplan does […]

Creative Blogging Ideas From 5 Awesome Company Blogs

If your company is online, chances are that it has a blog. If it doesn’t, there is no better time to start than right now. Blogging introduces a whole new playing field for your business to connect with customers, leads, and potential leads. By creating unique content that they want to read/watch/listen to, you are […]

How Andy Roddick Newsjacked The Us Open

I don’t watch a lot of tennis. I know the major names and, frankly, probably know Andy Roddick’s name more for a cute face and the fact that he dated Mandy Moore many moons ago. After battling years of injuries and performances that have not taken him beyond the quarters of a major tournament since […]

Blogging For Starters

It’s safe to say that the majority of successful businesses have a website, if not multiple. Many of these businesses have also created blogs to accompany their websites. Not only does a blog offer potential leads and customers an in-depth look into your company, but it boosts your SEO, too. By creating unique, interesting content, […]

Creating Customer Friendly Websites

Good websites are the heart and soul of any company’s success. They tell you customers about your services and how to contact you.  But how do you make your website great? These basic tips allow you to show your company’s personality and create a great environment for your potential customer. Color: Does your company have […]

Analytics Apps For Pinterest: How Do Your Pins Add Up?

It’s time to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon (if you haven’t already)! As far as referral traffic and sales, Pinterest is one of your best bets for social media success. You’ve got to make sure you use it correctly though, and sometimes it can be hard to determine what works and what doesn’t. Luckily, websites and […]

Best Practices For Google: Panda Vs. Penguin

Lolz cats may seem like the most important animal of the web, but Panda and Penguin can stop you right in your tracks. These two Google algorithms have cut down hundreds of websites and put them on the lowest pages of Google Search. Panda used to be the algorithm that websites feared, but since Penguin’s […]