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Pinterest Case Study | Petplan Pet Insurance

Although Pinterest has been around for two years, it is still a rather uncharted territory for businesses. Many guides have been published, but sometimes leading by example works best. Petplan Pet Insurance can be considered a leading example. The company’s Pinterest profile is engaging, colorful, and informative — in essence, the quintessential Pinterest page. Petplan does […]

Creative Blogging Ideas From 5 Awesome Company Blogs

If your company is online, chances are that it has a blog. If it doesn’t, there is no better time to start than right now. Blogging introduces a whole new playing field for your business to connect with customers, leads, and potential leads. By creating unique content that they want to read/watch/listen to, you are […]

How Andy Roddick Newsjacked The Us Open

I don’t watch a lot of tennis. I know the major names and, frankly, probably know Andy Roddick’s name more for a cute face and the fact that he dated Mandy Moore many moons ago. After battling years of injuries and performances that have not taken him beyond the quarters of a major tournament since […]