Archive | October, 2010

Facebook Photo Printing Available At Target

Every day it seems like Facebook is coming out with something new. Although there are times that I get frustrated with the constant user interface changes, some of their recent new features are pretty exciting! Just recently we learned that Facebook will soon be allowing the uploading and downloading of high resolution photos. Building on […]

New: Facebook Groups

For those of you feeling ironically confined these days by the all-too-open world of Facebook, you’re in luck: Facebook has just launched newly redesigned Groups – a feature that, as the developers and promoters claim, “makes it easy for you to build a space for important groups of people in your life.” Facebook Groups (which have very […]

So Much Information, So Little Time – Making Your Blog Reading And Sharing Count

When I last looked at my Google Reader (sadly a few days ago), it said that I have 1000+ unread posts.  Gulp.  Instead of starting to hammer away at them I closed the tab, totally overwhelmed by the amount of information that I had waiting for me.  The problem with my current Google Reader subscription […]