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All I Want For Christmas Is…

OttoPilot Media’s Christmas Wishlist! What are you hoping to find under the tree this year? *Alexandra – A webcam. Look out, YouTube! *Amanda – A computer pen tablet for drawing straight to the computer. *Christina – A new car – preferably something with better gas mileage than Barbie’s Glam Convertible! *Jessye – A puppy! She’s […]

Why No One Cares About Your Press Release

The next time you think about writing a press release, ask yourself- “Will anyone really care?”  Chances are, besides your mom, the people in your company, and maybe your clients, no one will give a damn about the fact that you just signed a new client (unless it’s Google) or that you won an award […]

Veterans Day Thoughts

“Freedom is not free.” The OttoPilot team thanks those men and women, and all those who came before them, who fight for our freedom and keep us safe at home.  We publicly thank you today but we think of your service and what it provides our great country every day.

Facebook Photo Printing Available At Target

Every day it seems like Facebook is coming out with something new. Although there are times that I get frustrated with the constant user interface changes, some of their recent new features are pretty exciting! Just recently we learned that Facebook will soon be allowing the uploading and downloading of high resolution photos. Building on […]

New: Facebook Groups

For those of you feeling ironically confined these days by the all-too-open world of Facebook, you’re in luck: Facebook has just launched newly redesigned Groups – a feature that, as the developers and promoters claim, “makes it easy for you to build a space for important groups of people in your life.” Facebook Groups (which have very […]

So Much Information, So Little Time – Making Your Blog Reading And Sharing Count

When I last looked at my Google Reader (sadly a few days ago), it said that I have 1000+ unread posts.  Gulp.  Instead of starting to hammer away at them I closed the tab, totally overwhelmed by the amount of information that I had waiting for me.  The problem with my current Google Reader subscription […]

Do You Keep Anything Sacred In Social Media?

I am fairly transparent…with my social media profiles.  I don’t mind that people I know professionally see the more personal side of me.  Most people know I love martinis and Boise State football.  I tweet things that are not work-related and may sometimes border on unprofessional but I think it actually helps sculpt a fuller […]

Win, Win, Win: How Joint Ventures Can Make Your Customer Happier

I’m currently sitting on an Alaska Airlines flight, flying from DC to Seattle.  It’s a long flight, the seats are average size, and the paid snacks are average too.  However, there are some remarkable things about this flight that do not just have to do with Alaska Airlines. This plane has WiFi.  Yes, I realize […]

Word of Mouth Marketing Supergenius Conference

One of our favorite companies, Gaspedal, is holding their second Word of Mouth Marketing Supergenius conferences in New York on July 20th.  Amanda attended the first in Chicago in December and found it to be one of the best days—full of information on how to find your brand’s influencers and encouraging them to talk about […]

Buckle Your Seatbelts & Place Your Tray Table In Its Upright And Locked Position

Today’s the day—we’ve taxied long enough so it’s time to takeoff in this bad boy of a social media plane.  For the past two years, our team has been working hard in the interior design industry through our parent company, Gibson Design Management. We’ve built custom Facebook pages and websites, we’ve consulted on implementing social […]